The Willow Creek Riparian Preserve is home to approximately 41 species of mammals. Small mammals such as Harris' Antelope Squirrel, Pocket Gopher (the scourge of my garden!), Blacktailed Jackrabbit, and numerous species of Bats occur here. In addition to our small friends, we also see, hear, and find the tracks and scat of several medium and large species of mammals in and adjacent to the Preserve. These include Skunk, Ringtailed Cat, Javelina, Coyote, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, and Mule Deer. Although we don't have photos of all of them, here are a few that may interest and amuse you! Check out our
Rock Squirrel
Arizona Silky
Pocket Mouse
Cottontail with Gambel Quail Friends
Baby Cottontails - our temporary guests Lucky Bunny and Peter Rabbit - nursed to good health and released into the Preserve after a rough start in life!
Rock Squirrel with one of
our orchard peaches
{little thieves of the garden
and apple trees}!
Merriam's Kangaroo Rat
Coyote photographed at night with Game Camera
Willow Captured the baby Cottontail and brought it straight to Bob - good dog!
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Comprehensive Biological Checklist!
Western Red Bat taking a
daytime snooze in our Fig tree! What a surprise this is as this species of bat is not considered common for this area. However, information on most bat species is unknown for this area.
Hognose Skunk
{another rare sighting at the Preserve!}